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Restorative Yoga

By participating in restorative yoga you’re taking an incredible step towards healing the body, rejuvenating the mind and reducing stress and anxiety. Restorative yoga ignites the body’s relaxation response by balancing the nervous system and optimizing the organs’ energy flow.
A consistent practice lifts immune function, aids digestion and supports healing.
Restorative yoga is a passive practice that improves one’s physiological and emotional health and well being. During this practice, the body releases all muscular work to inspire deep healing, cellular growth and repair.
Beyond these incredible physiological health benefits, restoratives create the opportunity to see where you habitually hold tension in your body, and cultivates awareness thus beginning the healing process. You are encouraged to clear your mind through meditation, or just concentrating on your breathing which helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
The entire practice is conducted on the floor. Props are used to support the body in various reclining poses which are held for 5-10 minutes. Props include, blankets, eye pillows, a round bolster and a flat bolster. If you do not have bolsters, you may substitute sofa cushions and/or body pillows. It is best to dress warmly in layers that can easily be removed during class.

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