Yoga As Medicine

Yoga as an antidote for “tech neck”

Slumped shoulders and a forward head position aren’t just uncomfortable positions, poor posture carries an orthopedic risk that can harm your discs.

Technology-induced degenerative disc disease is a real thing affecting all ages. Chiropractors are seeing more and more teens complaining of head, neck, back and shoulder pain thanks to our smartphones and other electronic devices. When left untreated, headaches, neck aches, backaches, can create lasting issues overtime.

“Tech neck,” when the neck droops forward and down as you send a text, or check your emails, puts up to an astounding 60 pounds of pressure on the upper cervical spine, research shows.

To counteract the effects of poor posture due to smartphone and laptop use, its yoga to the rescue. Several yoga poses lengthen the front muscles of the neck, which tend to get shortened when we hunch over a screen or a keyboard. When done correctly, the body-balancing nature of yoga can help realign the shoulders and upper thoracic spine thus freeing the lower cervical vertebrae. Restoring a natural curve in the spine also opens the shoulders and may even ease rotator cuff injuries and elbow pain.

For remedies here are two links that might provide some relief.

Yoga for Neck Pain Relief

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