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There’s a sense of ease that develops when things just fit. When compatible forces come together and align, everything becomes a bit more effortless and life just flows. The practice of Yoga – on and off the mat – helps clear the obstacles that might be blocking your potential of living your best life.

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Whether you’re new to Yoga, or just want to deepen your practice, this site offers a variety of yoga and fitness classes, guided meditations, yoga remedies, and more to help you feel better than you do today.
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From the Blog

  • Today’s class, as with all of the classes I have ever had the opportunity to be fortunate enough to participate in, has been just incredibly amazing. The creativity, the blending, with all of her knowledge & expertise, seeing things from new angles & perspectives have always left me in awe. I will continue attending as many of her classes as possible. Truly honored & blessed.

  • As all classes, sensational! Going through some trying times right now and I can always find the right class to solve my physical/mental mood. I’ve known Maura for a long time, and she is the most compassionate and best yoga teacher in the Myrtle Beach area. Thank you, Maura.

  • This class is strong and it’s powerful! Maura’s practice flows so well and the playlist is on fire. Awesome balance for mind and body. You get sweaty and you get a little tired but you feel amazing when it is all done. Namaste!