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There’s a sense of ease that develops when things just fit. When compatible forces come together and align, everything becomes a bit more effortless and life just flows. The practice of Yoga – on and off the mat – helps clear the obstacles that might be blocking your potential of living your best life.

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Whether you’re new to Yoga, or just want to deepen your practice, this site offers a variety of yoga and fitness classes, guided meditations, yoga remedies, and more to help you feel better than you do today.
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From the Blog

  • Bob Jefferson

    My wife Wilma and I started private restorative Yoga classes with Maura in 2012.  We are seniors and are continuously amazed with the improvement in our flexibility and overall feeling of well-being. We’ve experienced greater mobility, better sleep and less aches and pains. Maura’s private studio provides an oasis conducive to health and wellness. We heartily endorse her private instruction. It’s a lovely, therapeutic experience that we look forward to each week.

    Bob Jefferson