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Maura is my favorite yoga instructor from VA to FL and everywhere in between! So excited to participate in your latest adventure and today’s Floor Flow class. Loved the class and can’t wait for more live zoom and recorded options from your personal website! I will continue to sing your praises to friends and acquaintances! You have my support and best wishes as you continue to roll out your new endeavor!

As with all classes, sensational! Going through some trying times right now and I can always find the right class to solve my physical/mental mood. I’ve known Maura for a long time, and she is the most compassionate and best yoga teacher in the Myrtle Beach area. Thank you, Maura

Maura, your class, as always, was fantastic! I enjoyed how we ended with legs “off” the wall this time. Look forward to more amazing classes with you❤

The class was awesome! Love Maura’s creativity — loved moving my creaky bones and working out all the kinks for Halloween! (Yoga for Creeky Bones)
This again was a classic hour with Maura channeled directly to body and mind. Thanks for leading a comprehensive, safe and beautiful class.
That class was fabulous! My so glad you advised ‘lightweight” I used a light and a bit heavier weight during the class and my muscles got a workout! Thank you, Maura!


It the perfect for total body stretching. Maura is absolutely wonderful how the class is conducted and the explanation of all the body muscles.


Today’s class, as with all of the classes I have been fortunate enough to participate in, has been just incredibly amazing. The creativity, the blending, with all of her knowledge & expertise, seeing things from new angles & perspectives have always left me in awe. I will continue attending as many of her classes as possible. Truly honored & blessed.


An outstanding floor flow class. Maura’s cues are spot on. I don’t need to turn to look at the screen. The class was challenging and energizing. Maura is an excellent teacher.


Enlightening and educational. Maura always surpasses expectations.


So clever using blocks! (Block Party Class is found under Various Yoga Modalities)


Excellent instruction and guidance throughout the class as always with Maura. My first sculpting class so was a challenge for me but I enjoyed it.


Great for all capabilities! I enjoyed the explanations and the pace. I’m new at yoga and hoping to regain flexibility and improve balance in life. Thank you for this opportunity to learn more!


That class was just what I needed today. Quick & fun. Really enjoyed!


It was so good to be in a live class. I’ve been getting back into the routine with your recorded classes. And thank you for being there for my accountability!!


Your class was absolutely fantastic! I cannot wait to take more classes!! Thank you so much for providing these classes!


I believe it is helping my feet and ankles after the major water retention I suffered from for years. I still wake up sometimes with pain but it’s more infrequent.


So great to be in class with Maura again! Her classes are always smart and thoughtful. I look forward to many more – and with the convenience of fitting them into my schedule.


I love this yoga class my tension is in the shoulders I feel so much better. I like these programs I can do anytime! Love yoga!


This class was both challenging and rewarding. Just what I need!


The class was great!! I don’t do yoga but I enjoyed the moves and I could feel a difference in my flexibility as we held the yoga poses. It was the perfect combination of yoga and weights.

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